Mindless Ownership

We live in a consumption-based culture that places incredible value on ownership, where choosing not to own is seen as a radical act. By these standards, call me radical. I don't actually like owning a lot of stuff. Let me repeat that. I am happier with less stuff. What does it even mean to "own" something? At its …

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Learning to Let Go

While I find the physical act of letting go - purging and decluttering - deeply rewarding, I am finding the emotional act of letting go difficult. This is not because I have an emotional attachment to things in the sense that I'll miss them, but because I harbor guilt around the purchase. I keep thinking about why I purchased that thing …

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10 Easy Tips for Getting Organized

Many of us wish we were more organized, but just don't know where to start. The good news is that getting organized doesn't have to cost money and it is something you can start doing right now. So let's get started! Here are 10 tips for getting organized that you can embrace today. Put things you use …

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